Sedation Dentistry

Oral Conscious Sedation

Conscious sedation (i.e. "twilight") is a very safe way for you to experience dental treatment without having to deal with anxiety. There are no I-V anesthetics involved – you will be given medication before your treatment that will put you in a very relaxed state. Oral conscious sedation makes it possible for you to avoid feeling discomfort or pressure during the procedure; however, yosedation dentistry u will still be able to communicate with Dr.’s Larson and their assistants. The level of sedation can be tailored to meet each patient's specific needs. 

Sedation dentistry can help if you are:

Anxious about dental treatments, and dentists in general
Affected by sensitive teeth and gums
Uncomfortable hearing the sounds of dental instruments
Uncomfortable with the tastes associated with dental procedures
Anxious about dental conditions that may require long treatment processes


What To Expect From Sedation


Before your procedure, you will take medication that will ultimately give you a feeling of deep relaxation. Once your procedure begins, you should not feel a thing. You will not be unconscious, and you will be able to talk; however, you will be so relaxed that you may not even remember the procedure has taken place once it is finished.

It can take several hours for the effects of conscious sedation to completely wear off. So it is important to arrange for someone to take you to and from our practice for treatment, as you will be too drowsy to drive.

For both your oral health and the cosmetic appearance of your smile, regular trips to the dentist are extremely important. It’s very common and very understandable to have some “dental anxiety,” but with sedation dentistry, Dr. Kelly Larson and Dr. Seth Larson can help to alleviate your fear of the dentist while providing you with excellent treatment and a more pleasant Prescott Valley dental experience. You need not fear dental treatment ever again!

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide (i.e. "laughing gas") is an excellent alternative to oral sedation. The sedative effect from the gas is not strong enough to prohibit driving afterwards, but the relaxation it provides can make even the most anxious patients feel at ease. Recent studies show many people experience anxiety every time they have an appointment for regular maintenance cleanings. Nitrous oxide can make your cleanings feel like a breeze. Please feel free to ask about using it to make any of your visits more pleasant.

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